Class 1: Miniature Garden. 12″ x 8 1/2″, Standard seed tray size

Class 2: Vase of Garden Flowers

Class 3: Animal Made of Vegetables, and or fruit

Class 4: Sunflower Head

Class 5: Most Unusual Show Brought Vegetables

Class 6: The Largest Weed

Class 7: Vase of Five Blooms Dahlias Decorative

Class 8: Vase of Five Blooms Dahlias Cacti

Class 9: Vase of Five Blooms Dahlias Pom Pom

Class 10: Vase of Six H.T. Roses

Class 11: Three Stem Floribunda Roses

Class 12: Three Stem of Gladioli

Class 13: Vase of Sweet Peas – 12 Spikes

Class 14: One Flowering Begonia

Class 15: Six Heads of African Marigolds

Class 16: Vase of Herbaceous Flowers

Class 17: Vase of Mixed Annuals

Class 18: Vase of three Chrysanthemum Blooms

Class 19: Vase of Lilies (Three Stems)

Class 20: Three pots cacti, Succulent, Three Distinct Varieties

Class 21: Mixture of Six Bedding Plants

Class 22: Any Flowering Pot Plant

Class 23: Any Foliage Pot Plant

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