Live Stock

The Denbigh and Flint Show plays host to  hundreds of 

livestock classes, including Shires, Cattle, Sheep and Pigs, as they all compete  for the many 

coveted Prizes available 

su1_1607Entries Close on  the 20th July 2020

The Cattle section, not only host to the very familiar black

white of the dairy Holstein  Friesians, but the

less familiar breeds can be seen to include British Blues, Native cattle. With all Section championship winners eligible to exhibit in the relevant overall interbred championship it’s all to play for.  It really is worth seeking  the cattle section out, just to see the huge variety of breeds.c15_0739

The sheep section is popular as visitors always seem to admire the many varieties of the breeds and the high standard to which they are prepared for  the show ring.

Pigs always draw a  crowd as people do not often have the opportunity to get close to these enigmatic animals. The pig section is definitely a must see during your visit.

All Sections host Young Handler classes

Livestock Schedule

Livestock entry form

Please contact the office on 01352 712 131 or email, if you would a schedule posted out.

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